Laboratory for Advanced Research in Acoustics


Novel methods to characterize building technologies & materials that will be used in resilient and sustainable construction
Advanced acoustic measurement methods: transfer-matrix measurements, simultaneous source measurements, high angular goniometric measurements, spherical microphone-array measurements, triaxial intensity vector measurements

Quantitative modeling of physical systems using highly efficient probabilistic and numerical methods
Room-acoustics modeling and noise propagation modeling based on advanced equation-based models, finite-difference time-domain methods, Bayesian quantification and analysis of room-acoustic systems, material properties

Verification & testing of standards & guidelines used in planning and design of specialized structures
For hospitals, labs, etc: Acoustical measurement techniques/methods for lab and in-situ testing

Human factors impact of noise, sound & vibration on human behavior
Impact of noise & privacy on:
  • office workers
  • education facilities
  • industrial workplace
  • patients & staff in healthcare facilities
(binaural models for perception-based evaluations of speech privacy, binaural auralization and psychoacoustics investigations)

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