Architectural Acoustics Curriculum

The Graduate Program in Architectural Acoustics offers an intense curriculum in acoustics for effectively shaping sonic environments to achieve optimum acoustic performance and sound quality. The Program offers studies toward both Master of Science and Ph.D. degrees. This unique program in architectural acoustics provides the knowledge for next-generation acousticians involved in room acoustics, psychoacoustics, acoustic and vibration measurement techniques, and sound reinforcement.

The Program offers the knowledge and skills needed for advanced practice and applied research. Field work develops the experience of sensitive perception of sound environments and musical performance, and industry relations give access to advanced techniques and materials used in acoustical practice.

Fall Credit Hours

ARCH-4840 Architectural Acoustics I 4
ARCH-6840 Engineering Acoustics 2
ARCH-6870 Sonics Research Lab. 4
ARCH-6860 Applied Psychoacoustics 3
ARCH-6810 Research Design Seminar 2

Spring Credit Hours

ARCH-4850 Architectural Acoustics II 4
ARCH-6880 Sonics Research Lab. II 2
ARCH-6890 Aural Architecture 3
ARCH-6830 Graduate Thesis Seminar: Acoustics 1
ARCH-6990 Master's Thesis 5

An undergraduate minor in Architectural Acoustics is also available. Click here for details.

Ning Xiang, Program Chair, email: phone: (518) 276 6464
School of Architecture Graduate Office, email:



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