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  Jonas Braasch - Architectural Acousticss Rensselaer

Sound Examples: Hyper-specialization in Saxophone

Soprano saxophone performed as rim flute (Jonas Braasch, 2017)

Tribute to Pauline Oliveros' 49th of passing: Soprano saxophone performed as rim flute with pocket didjeridu (Jonas Braasch, 2017)

Soprano saxophone performed as cornett with organ (Jonas Braasch, 2017)

Soprano saxophone performed as jazz cornett (Jonas Braasch, 2017)

Soprano Saxophone performed as blues cornett (Jonas Braasch, 2017)

Music Releases


Jonas Braasch (2011) Sonic Territories, DVD video with 5-channel surround sound, Jonas Braasch: soprano saxophone, field recordings, electronic processing and composition, Deep Listening Records, DL-DVD-4.

Pauline Oliveros, Francisco López, Doug Van Nort, Jonas Braasch (2011) Quartet for the End of Space, Pauline Oliveros, digital accordion;  Francisco López (electronics), Doug Van Nort (electronics), Jonas Braasch (soprano saxophone), work contains 8 electroacoustic compositions (2 from each composer) based on improvised session material  with the ensemble, audio compact disk, Pogus Records 21059-2.


Triple Point (2009) Sound Shadows (full digital album, six tracks), Jonas Braasch, soprano saxophone; Stuart Dempster, trombone, didjeridu, little instruments; Shane Myrbeck, mixing and mastering; Pauline Oliveros, digital accordion, Expanded Instrument System (EIS, Track 3); Doug Van Nort, laptop, GREIS, additional mixing and spectral processing on Tracks 4 and 6. Deep Listening Records, DL-DD-1.

1 ‐ Umbramatics 6:13
2 ‐ Contre‐jour 2:55
3 ‐ Bokeh Mirror 8:37

4 ‐ Other Forests 7:22
5 ‐ Deglared 2:39
6 ‐ Greis under Fire 8:47

Liner Notes (.pdf)


 J. Braasch (2006) Global reflections, audio compact disk, Deep Listening Publications DL 34-2006, Kingston, NY.


J. Braasch, P. Oliveros, B. Woodstrup, C. Chafe and others (2008) Tele-Colonization, (digital video release, recording of the ICAD Concert in 2007. Deep Listening Records TS1, Kingston, NY.

Liner Notes (.pdf)