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  Jonas Braasch - Architectural Acousticss Rensselaer


Jonas Braasch (2011) Sonic Territories, DVD video with 5-channel surround sound, Jonas Braasch: soprano saxophone, field recordings, electronic processing and composition, Deep Listening Records, DL-DVD-4.

Pauline Oliveros, Francisco López, Doug Van Nort, Jonas Braasch (2011) Quartet for the End of Space, Pauline Oliveros, digital accordion;  Francisco López (electronics), Doug Van Nort (electronics), Jonas Braasch (soprano saxophone), work contains 8 electroacoustic compositions (2 from each composer) based on improvised session material  with the ensemble, audio compact disk, Pogus Records 21059-2.


Triple Point (2009) Sound Shadows (full digital album, six tracks), Jonas Braasch, soprano saxophone; Stuart Dempster, trombone, didjeridu, little instruments; Shane Myrbeck, mixing and mastering; Pauline Oliveros, digital accordion, Expanded Instrument System (EIS, Track 3); Doug Van Nort, laptop, GREIS, additional mixing and spectral processing on Tracks 4 and 6. Deep Listening Records, DL-DD-1.

1 ‐ Umbramatics 6:13
2 ‐ Contre‐jour 2:55
3 ‐ Bokeh Mirror 8:37

4 ‐ Other Forests 7:22
5 ‐ Deglared 2:39
6 ‐ Greis under Fire 8:47

Liner Notes (.pdf)


 J. Braasch (2006) Global reflections, audio compact disk, Deep Listening Publications DL 34-2006, Kingston, NY.


J. Braasch, P. Oliveros, B. Woodstrup, C. Chafe and others (2008) Tele-Colonization, (digital video release, recording of the ICAD Concert in 2007. Deep Listening Records TS1, Kingston, NY.

Liner Notes (.pdf)